Get creative & save money with your lighting by centrally controlling pre-programmed scenes. Set the mood.


Audio / Video

Control the audio and video flow through-out your home with multi-room support for anywhere, from anywhere. 



Get the right amount of light in your home with advanced control over your blinds to help set temperature & ideal light levels automatically.







Your homes alarm systems, cameras and locks can talk to each other, and work together to make your home as secure as possible.



Control gates, reticulation, awnings & more with unified controls from anywhere in the home & abroad.


Heating / Cooling

Take control of your air conditioning system & monitor your homes temperature.

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tag conf kpsLet There Be Light
When most think of home automation, lighting is usually first on the list of things to control. The right lighting in a home can make the mood and ambience.

With Control 4 lighting systems, you can take control of your lighting without the complication. The new configurable lighting controls give you un-precidented flexibility with button placement and scene control allowing you to mix lighting, scenes, motorisation and audio / visual on the one attractive keypad.

Green Lighting Solutions
Make your home greener and more economical by controlling your home lighting usage globally. Set a maximun power limit for day time at 90% & 70% at night to instantly reduce your carbon footprint and power bill. Or try coupling your lighting with sensors in certain areas the lights always get left on. The sensors know when someone has left the room and can turn your lights off for you.

Watch a video on Control 4's new lighting solutions.

Set The Mood
You want just the right feel for your homes design, but it's going to take multiple lights, switches and levels to get it just right. Control 4 allows you to design a scene to your exacting requirements and save it for later use. Everytime you select that scene, your lighting (no matter how many lights or switches) will return to that perfect setting.

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Audio / Visual

tag ampsA Universal Remote For Your Home
Say goodbye to mountains of remote controls and complex cabling. Inputs, outputs, AVs and Tuners, it can all get too hard. Well it isn't with Control 4's superb award winning audio/visual control system. Your TVs & sound systems will become a part of your home with one button to turn on rooms, zones or simply the TV itself.

Define Your AV By It's Location
With Control 4 unique "Room Logic" system, your home will become defined by the spaces you live in. Each room and zone can be controlled to your exacting requirements by allowing selection of source and volume. You can group areas together as you please & seperate them just as easily.

tag touchOne Touch To Control Them All
Leaving your home AV gear on can be frustrating, especially when leaving the home you've forgotten to switch something off at the opposite end of the house. With Control 4 you can set an "ALL OFF" scene that will go through and switch every peice of equipment off with one button just as your walking out the door.

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Curtains, Blinds & Shutters

tag blindsPrivacy & Money Savings
There are two front running benifits to window coverings and that's privacy and economy.
With our control systems you can set up every covering in your home to operate under any settings you choose. Or alternatively the home can set your coverings automatically by using the time of day, the direction of the sun and the current weather conditions to acheive the desired result.

Controlling The Temperature
In the summer, you want to keep the heat down inside. Control 4 can keep an eye on your inside temperature and drop blinds at the first sign of rising temperatures. In the winter it can do the opposite by letting sunligfht in to warm the home. Either way, whatever your preference, you can have your home take care of one, or all blinds in any range of situations which will save you money in heating & cooling and keep your home confortable.

None Or All
In larger homes, having a sheer, a block out & maybe even shutters on every window can get tedious to manage. How about the ability to set one privacy scene that will drop any given number of coverings to your needs. Don't run around the house shutting every blind, simply press one button & let your home take care of the rest.

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tag lockKeeping Your Home & Family Safe
It's the digital age of security & securing your home & posessions is more important than ever. Control 4 will give you the ability to connect your alarm, cameras, locks & more to one central hub giving you the ultimate control & flexibility. View your camera system from anywhere in the home & in the world. Connect you alarm so when your arm it, the home automatically checks & locks your doors and windows.

Faster Than A Monitoring Company
Monitored security is a necessity with home alarms but what if your home could tell you about a breach faster than the call centre? Control 4 has a direct link with the outside world & the ability to send programmed notifications directly to your phone and e-mail. And most of the time it's instant. Have your home let you know when your kids are home or take the oportunity to check your cameras for false alarms before committing to an expensive call out.

Many, Many Options
All aspects of security are covered & your possibilities are nearly endless. If you can think of it, chances are your home can be programmed to do it. Imagine your lights switching on at your door automatically when you pull in the driveway. Or perhaps you like the idea of fingerprint door locks so you don't need your keys to get inside. All things possible with Control 4 security.

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tag garageIf It Moves, We'll Control It
More automatic, electronic systems means more remote controls & that's not what we need to make our lives easier. Control 4 will allow you to integrate these systems directly into your home infrastructure so you can take advantage of advanced automated features. Programme your reticulation without having to decode difficult to understand panels. Programme awnings to respond to direct sun light and pack away at the first sign of bad weather. Anything you can think of.

Connect The Mundane
Sometimes the simplest things can make the biggest impact when everything is working together. Garage doors, driveway gates, pool pumps, TV lifters & more, all become a breeze when you don't have to think about the processes involved with getting them to work with your life. With a huge range of control options & programming capabilities, you wont have to think about them any more.

Get Creative
With the affordability of motors, actuators, lifters and so on these days, it doesn't take much to get creative. And with Control 4, it's a breeze to make work.
Hidden shelves or moving walls. TV lifters & projector that retract into your ceiling. It's got you thinking, hasn't it?

More about Control 4 Home Automation...

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Heating & Cooling

tag fireplaceStay Comfortable & Save
It's been shown that climate control in the average home accounts for an average of 33% of a households total energy bill. Control 4 can help you to claw back some of that spend using managed temperature control. Using an interface that connects directly to your homes heaters & air conditioning systems, you will be able to thermostatically control every zone specifically for your needs.

Don't Leave It Running
Because Control 4 can keep an eye on things so well, you can programme your home to make sure it switches off your heating & cooling systems when you leave the house automatically. And on the opposite side, you can activate heating or cooling while you're out so you can return to the ideal temperature when you walk through the door.

All Connected Together
Having a whole home, managed system, your heating & cooling systems can be programmed to work with the other facilities in your to help keep costs down by minimising excess usage. If your room temerature is rising, the system can attempt to drop your blinds or extend awnings before it resorts to air conditioning.

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